Together Colorado: Petition for $15 min wage at DIA, action 1/28

Sign on to support a $15 minimum wage for DIA workers!

Dear Together Colorado Members and Partners: 

We invite you to make a difference this year for thousands of metro Denver workers at Denver International Airport as well as Denver City employees, by signing onto the petition in support of a $15 minimum wage for DIA and Denver workers!

At the invitation of the organizers of UNITE HERE! Local 23, SEIU and other partners, we have been supporting the workers at Denver International Airport for the past year in their successful effort to place a $15 minimum wage measure for all DIA employees on the Denver Ballot in May of 2019. 

Many airport workers are forced to rely on public assistance for their basic needs, even while they work full-time jobs. This means taxpayers — who have already invested billions in airport subsidies — are also asked to make up the difference when employers choose to pay wages and benefits that fall short. 

Throughout 2018, we have attended organizing meetings and rallies, standing with DIA workers in their call for a more just wage.

In mid-November, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock proposed increasing the minimum wage for all City of Denver workers (including contractor, vendor, and tenant employees, which includes all workers at DIA). The Mayor’s proposal is an improvement to the ballot measure and is a direct response to the successful organizing effort to place this measure on the ballot. If passed, we would not need to go to the expense and effort to win a ballot measure in May.
We invite you to consider adding your name to the online petition.

Also, please mark your calendars and join us as the faith community stands with metro-area airport workers and City of Denver employees:
Monday, January 28, 5-7pm: $15forDIA Action, location TBD

Looking forward to continuing our journey toward justice and human dignity in 2019,

Sharon Bridgeforth, Board President
Mike Kromrey, Executive Director

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