2018 Branch Elections

We will hold our biennial Branch officer elections, a three month long process:

  • At our September General Meeting, Monday, September 10, at Second Baptist Church at 6:30 pm,we will elect a Nominations Committee. Anyone who is a current member in good standing since April 1, 2018 may be a candidate.
  • The October General Meeting, Monday, October 1st, at Second Baptist Church at 6:30 pm, will receive the Nominations Committee Report and open the floor for the presentation of other nominations for officers (the process for this will be explained in September), and an Election Supervisory Committee will be elected to carry out the election in November.
  • At the November General Meeting, Monday, November 5th, at Second Baptist Church at 6:30 pm,the Election Supervisory Committee will carry out the election on paper ballots. Please note:  there is no proxy voting, and there is no absentee voting; you must be present at the November meeting in order to vote.  Only members in good standing may vote in Branch elections.

Information will also be shared via the 2018 Branch Elections page, our Facebook page, our google group, and via email to our members.

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