2018 Branch Elections

We will hold our biennial Branch officer elections this fall, a three month long process:

  • At our September General Meeting, Monday, September 10, at Second Baptist Church at 6:30 pm,we will elect a Nominations Committee. Anyone who is a current member in good standing since April 1, 2018 may be a candidate.
    • At our general meeting on September 10th, we selected a nominating committee for officers of the branch (we will finalize all nominations in October and vote in November). The nominating committee will be chaired by Peggy Dotson. The remaining members are Sepideh Miller, Judy Huston, Arkansas Strider Benston, and Kristine Johnson. We will meet the week of September 16th. Members may nominate another member or themselves for a position (please check out these files for accepting a nomination and for nominating yourself or another member). I will also share descriptions of the duties of the officers. Look for these below. If you would like to make any suggestions to members of the nominating committee, please do contact one or all of us.
  • The October General Meeting, Monday, October 1st, at Second Baptist Church at 6:30 pm, will receive the Nominations Committee Report and open the floor for the presentation of other nominations for officers (the process for this will be explained in September), and an Election Supervisory Committee will be elected to carry out the election in November.
    • At our general meeting on October 1st, we selected an election supervisory committee to conduct the election of officers of the branch at our general meeting in November. The nominating committee gave its report and made nominating for the seats. The election supervisory committee consists of Sarah McCullar, George Jones, Sheila Davis, Janette Smith, and Roseanna Jenning. We can look forward to an update from them.
    • The nominating committee’s nominations were as follows:
      President: Annett James
      Vice President: Judy Huston
      Treasurer: Cherry Anderson
      Asst. Treasurer: open
      Secretary: Kristine Johnson
      Asst. Secretary: Darren O’Connor
      At large: Sepideh Miller
      At large: Rev. Glenda Robinson
  • At the November General Meeting, Monday, November 5th, at Second Baptist Church at 6:30 pm, the Election Supervisory Committee carried out the election on paper ballots.  The above nominated candidates were elected.  The election supervisory committee will give their report at the December meeting.  New officers will start their two-year terms in January.

Information on our branch elections will also be posted in News, on our Facebook page, in our google group, and will be sent via email to members.


Files which pertain to the branch election:

  • Our bylaws
  • Guidelines for branch elections
  • Candidate consent form (acceptance of a nomination)
  • Petition for nomination (use for nominating yourself or another member)
  • These images contain the following information:
    • List of officers
    • Eligibility to be an officer
    • Term of service
    • Duties of president (two files–first, second)
    • Duties of vice president
    • Duties of secretary (two files–first, second)
    • Duties of treasurer (two files–first, second)
    • Duties of assistant secretary
    • Duties of assistant treasurer
    • Description of executive committee (includes at large members)
    • Duties of executive committee, including at large members (two files–first, second)

Watch this page for updates!